Film Review of the India Award-Winning Documentary 'Daughters of Mother India'


Film ReviewIndia Award-Winning Documentary 'Daughters of Mother India'

                  By:  Afshan Naheed Hashmi, PhD, C(ASCP), RAC

 Hello my Readers and fans ,

Recently I got the opportunity to see India Award-Winning Documentary 'Daughters of Mother India'.  

Thanks a lot to Indian Embassy at Washington DC, USA for giving me this opportunity to see this wonderful documentary along with sumptuous dinner.

Although I was only invited to see the movie  but after seeing the movie, it impacted me so heavily on my emotions, that I decided to review it.  I told my decision to Indian Embassy officials as well as Vibha Bakhshi the filmmaker of this documentary. All of them welcomed my decision of reviewing this movie.

Here are some special moments in the form of photographs from the special screening of this movie:

 I found Vibha Bakhshi former CNBC business reporter turned documentary filmmaker a very interesting and thought-provoking woman. I could relate to her on the women issues she has raised in this movie while sitting next to her and watching some parts of the movie together.

This documentary had won the National Award, the country's highest film honor given by the Honorable President of India, for "Best Film on Social Issues."

Although I understand India very well related to business. political and cultural landscape but it was very difficult for me to understand why so many rapes take place in India. I am born and raised in a very educated and affluent family in India. So there was always a disconnect in my mind even when I was in India about the rising rapes in India. Now I live in USA and when I hear these horrible news from India this looming question was always in my mind. As a writer I was struggling with this question in my mind. By seeing this movie I got my answer and many women like me will understand why rapes happen in India by seeing this movie. It's so good to know that girls are coming to report rapes more. Also Police of India is so cooperative on this issue. During the Q and A  with the filmmaker,I learned that is the first time that police commissioner gave uncensored access into the Dehli Police control room. By seeing  this access in the documentary  I was educated that emergency calls are now taken by women police officers specifically from victims of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence because of the drastic increase in the number of women coming forward in the wake of the Nirbhaya tragedy.  Also after watching the movie I came to know that the ,  documentary revolves around a series of sound bites from sociologists, victims' advocates and senior law enforcement officials all  reacting to Nirbhaya 's rape and pondering on how it might have been prevented.


 But through , this documentary not only I got answer to my question that why rapes happen in India but also this documentary  is representative of India's side of Nirbhaya's story which is filled with hope resolve and  activism.

I salute  and  thank Police force of India for giving their cooperation and support for this cause.

Thanks a lot Vibha Bakshi for making such  a wonderful movie. I am positive that it will lead to a big change  in India and more and more girls and women will have courage to come out now and report sexual assault cases.

I give this documentary 5 Stars!


Daughters of Mother India is directed and produced by Vibha Bakshi and executive produced by Academy Award-Winner MaryAnn De Leo. It is a 2015 Indian documentary film, which won the National Award.

To know more about the movie please visit the following link:

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 With all the best regards from your loving Film-critic and Author,

Dr.Afshan Naheed Hashmi


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