My Radio Show is on W4WN and has a reach of  more than 300 million listeners and is broadcast every Wednesday at 6 pm US eastern time and here is the website of my radio Show:

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Nilima Mehra, Certified Executive Producer Of Global Television Network (Washington, DC.) ascends “The Capital Forum” to ”Fox 5”. Catch each episode on Fox 5 Plus every Saturday & Sunday. For the very first time in the history of American Media, an Indian American TV show will broadcast on Fox 5. Watch it, catch it & enjoy it.
Glam World With Dr. Afshan Hashmi will broadcast on weeks 3 monthly. ** Please catch Dr. Afshan Hashmi on FOX 5 PLUS  on every third Saturday in Capital Forum from 7.00 -8.00 AM. Go to my vimeo channel to see past episodes and here is the link:


 WDCA( Fox5 plus channel)

-Comcast 270

-Verizon Fios 33

-Dish Network 68

-RCN 55

-Over the air  68.1. 





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My Internet TV Show Link:

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