Important Announcement:

From Wednesday Dec 16, 2020 my Radio show on W4WN will also be a TV show simultaneously on Talk 4 TV channel with even more exposure for my guests and  clients who advertise on  this show. The TV show will be syndicated to many  TV Channels. Please see the uploaded PDF where my Talk 4 TV show will be syndicated . Also see the list where my Radio show on W4WN Radio is syndicated. You can download both the lists in PDF  from below! If you want review of your product including books on my radio show on W4WN cum TV show on Talk 4 Tv then buy the advertisement package of either $399 or $300 or $ 250. Please buy the advertisement package  from this page below.

So if you come as a guest now in my radio show , you will get TV show also but I have kept the same price. 

 For big companies and for long-term sponsorships please go and buy the packages from the SponsorPitch from the following link:


Dr.Afshan Hashmi

Important new policy announcement

New Policy Announcement in effective from Jan 14 2021: Please read it carefully: 

As you are getting promoted to more than 300 million listeners and I am charging only $25 for 15 min  

interview and $50 for 30 min interview where people charge $1000 at least to give you this kind of service.  

So you have to promote your interview on all your  

social media channels and your connections via email. If you do not promote on your Social media channel as well as your connections via email then you have to pay $250 after the  

interview. After the show you have to show me an email that you send to your connections about  your announcement that you are coming on this day and time to the show. So if you fail to do this , if you have given $25 to come on interview I will deduct $25 from it and you have to pay $225. When you come in my show you automatically agree to these policies and failure to comply you agree to pay $250 ONLY altogether. Social media you send me the links where you have promoted that you are coming to my show this day and time. You have to send these links  here to your connections:

 W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network

and this one:

Dr. Afshan Hashmi – W4WN Radio

Dr Afshan Hashmi's Radio show website:


So if you have paid $50 then you have to pay $200 after the show if you do not promote at these two medium I would like you to promote.

So in order to be a guest on my show I ask for two things ONLY . First, I ask if I am promoting you to our audience that you promote to your connections on social media , emails and everywhere else that you will be on the show. That’s fair right? 

Second, we have opportunities for business and entrepreneurs like you that could help grow your business. I would like to connect you with the owner of the network to set up a call for right after your appearance on the show. His name is Dean Piper and he will present opportunities custom for you and if you like what he says and feel it could help you and your business, then go with it. If you don’t like it, you can pass. That’s fair right?  

Looking forward to welcome you in Dr Afshan Hashmi's Radio cum TV show. 


Dr.Afshan Hashmi

List of places where Dr Afshan Hashmi's Radio Show is syndicated Hello Everyone,
You can download the PDF file here where my Radio show is syndicated.
Dr. Afshan Hashmi
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List of Places where Dr Afshan Hashmi's Talk 4 TV Show is syndicated Hello Everyone,
You can download the PDF where Dr Afshan Hashmi's Talk 4 TV Show is syndicated.
Dr.Afshan Hashmi
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