Important: From now onwards Nov 3 2020 all my live book club  meetings will be only for  members of  my book club who pay $50 per year for the membership of my book club to participate in these meetings and give their insights on the book which is getting reviewed. Also these book club meetings will be live also for my patrons on Patreon.   But for paid $100 video review which you can buy from this page the person who will buy the video review services will get as before MP4 file to download and I will share my thoughts on the book on the Amazon page of the book as well as share it on all my social media channels:

Hello Everyone,

Here are some reviews I had done in previous years: 

In 2020 I am now reviving this tradition of reviewing. I love to do reviews of books, Movies and makeup products. My book club will exclusively review books. If you are interested in reviews of movies and makeup please go to my TV show and Radio show links of this website to know more about my Radio and TV show! 

Also my two IMdb pages you will love and here are the links: 

 Everyone who reads business, fashion, Bollywood , Hollywood, political and science fiction books are welcome to join my book club called'' Dr. Afshan Hashmi's Glam and Glitzy Book club'' 

The first meeting of the book club is on 17 Oct 2020 from 4 pm-6pm US Eastern Time. Here is the following link for the invitation; 

The following book of famed journalist Lou Dobbs will be discussed and analyzed in a recorded session: 

The Trump Century: How Our President Changed the Course of History Forever 

Amazon Link 

The second meeting of the book club is on 24 Oct 2020 from 5-7 pm US EST. The invitation link is as follows: 

The book to be discussed is:  

Blood and Oil: Mohammed bin Salman's Ruthless Quest for Global Power

Schedule of all books Discussed you will find in my calendar

or in the following link: 


Dr.Afshan Hashmi

Hello Everyone, 

If you want your book to be analyzed and discussed in my book club and give an honest opinion like the following video here then Authors and publishers have to pay me $100 for this service. I will discuss that book in my book club and give my honest opinion and share it on all my social media platforms. Also whoever hires me will get a MP4 file also. Although I have done thousands of book reviews free in previous years and now I want fees for this service. If a book is very fascinating and evokes my interest then there will be no fees. 


Dr Afshan Hashmi