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Dr Afshan Hashmi


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Hello Everyone, If you want a video review of movies, TV shows and Series as well as Cosmetics then hire me to do it for you in $100 only. I am also a regulatory affairs specialist so all cosmetics will be reviewed per FDA regulations. I will give you a MP4 file of the review whoever hires me as well as share it on all my social media channels.

Cheers! Dr.Afshan Hashmi

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Dr Afshan Hashmi's Film, Makeup and Cosmetics Review Page

Online Video Review

Hello Everyone,

For my patrons on Patreon page sometimes I will review movies, TV shows and cosmetics.

My video review is very unique and useful to the client.

Patreon Page Link:


But if you hire me to review movies, TV shows , TV series and makeup products, I will review it for $100 and share it on Amazon page as well as all my social media channels including my IMDB page and give you a MP4 file.

All cosmetics will be reviewed per FDA regulations as I am also a regulatory affairs specialist pertaining to FDA regulations. I will search FDA website to see what FDA has to say about that brand. Are there any warning letters issued to company or that brand.

Here is the link where I have shown you some examples:


Sometimes on my W4WN radio show I review movies, TV shows and cosmetics products:



Dr Afshan Hashmi