Glam World with Dr Afshan Hashmi

FOX 5 plus channel

Glam World With Dr. Afshan Hashmi will broadcast on last week of the month.

Please catch Dr. Afshan Hashmi on FOX 5 PLUS on every last Saturday in Capital Forum from 7.00 -8.00 AM. Go to my vimeo channel to see past episodes and here is the link: I am a TV host on GTV channel broadcasted on Fox5 plus channel

GTV -Fox 5 plus has"over 6.2 million viewers".

GTV broadcasting since the past 31 years makes you prominent on the global map.

I am looking for Sponsors and Guests to interview on my TV show segment on Fox5 plus -GTV.

Guest will be charged $500 for 6 min interview .

Also I can read your 1 min ad on my show for $250

But every sponsor is unique so case by case consideration will be given to everyone. These prices are not final.

So for more information please contact me (Dr.Afshan Hashmi) at

Then once the show is broadcasted I put it on my social media as I have a huge following.

Here is the link of my episodes of TV show segment of GTV archived on my Vimeo channel: